Ph.D. Student

Department of Computer Science

Princeton University

I am a final year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Princeton University in Professor Margaret Martonosi‘s group. My research interests include hybrid quantum-classical computing and modular quantum architectures.

Previously, I worked with Professor Jungsang Kim at Duke University on ion trapping experiments, and James B. Duke Professor Alfred Goshaw at Duke University in the field of high energy physics.

I am a member of the national Sigma Pi Sigma physics honor society. Outside of research and academics, I am a huge fan of basketball and love to travel.

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Awards and Impact


2018 - 2024 (Expected) Princeton University

 Ph.D. in Computer Science

2014 - 2018 Duke University

BSc in Computer Science, BSc in Physics


Invited Talks

"Towards Scalable Quantum Classical Hybrid Compute via Tensor Networks".

"Scalable Modular Architecture Compilation".

"CutQC: Using Small Quantum Computers for Large Quantum Circuit Evaluations".

"Parallelizing Simulations of Large Quantum Circuits".

"Single-Qubit Optimal Quantum Readout via Neural Networks"

"Search for Massive Bosons Decaying to W Gamma and Z Gamma Using the ATLAS Detector"

Work Experience

Sep 2023 - Present Amazon Braket, New York, NY.

Applied Scientist II.

May 2022 - Dec 2022 Amazon Braket, New York, NY.

 Applied Scientist Intern - Quantum Computing

May 2021 - Aug 2021 IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. (Remote Due to COVID-19)

 Research Intern - PhD

May 2019 - Aug 2019 Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL.

WJ Cody Research Fellow

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016 European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Meyrin, Switzerland.

Undergraduate Researcher

Professional Services




Email: weit@princeton.edu

Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn